Media Buying

It is a skillful art to put together the right TV, cable, or radio schedule of commercials (on the air or online) so that the media buy targets the right customer and maximizes the most impressions that a customer will get of that message.

Usually the first assessment of a small business owner buying their own media is that the salesperson from radio station X or TV station Y or cable system Z, is going to give them the best deal and the best ratings details. Perhaps, but, remember, those salespeople are trying to sell you THEIR product, not the best combination of products that would work as part of a complete advertising plan. Each salesperson will tell you that their product is the best option for getting new customers, and the other salespeople you sat down with that week are mistaken. Sometimes the price of the deal is too enticing to pass on. Everybody loves a sale, right?

When Better Merchants oversees all of the media buying for your business, we are interested in an emotion-free media buying experience with the vendor on an even playing field and the best interest of the small business owner in mind.    

Better Merchants assesses the effectiveness and ratings data/research for all media, not just some of it.

How many times a week will the intended demographic have the opportunity to see your message?

Will you be wasting some impressions you paid for if your commercial is seen by people who would not drive to your location because it's too far away?

Is there some sort of accounting mechanism to show the small business owner in great detail that the media schedules ran where they were supposed to and seen by the intended audience?   

In short, call Better Merchants now before the bad habits and mistrust of media sellers takes over.