Better Merchants produces compelling and creative video content for small businesses.

Our video production stands out in this market because it tells the unique story of your small business and what you do better than anybody else, not just yakking about your location and website with some dated music in the background.   

Why would you want to blend in and look and sound like every other locally-produced video?   Your video is the animated business card that you want to put in everybody's eyes and ears!  

What do you want to tell people about your business who watch the local morning news?

What do you want your happy customers to tell people about your business when they come to your website, Facebook page, or next seminar or business expo? 

Content is King

So when Better Merchants creates your :30 TV commercial or your 2-3 minute long form video, it will be compelling and tell your story in the most unique way possible!

And we don't do the "one and done" method, because we want to continue to tell that story as it changes and your business grows.

That means a consistent message viewers can follow with the same images, colors, and sounds associated with your small business.

Our final video products are in sparkling Ultra High-Def.

That's another name for 4K, referring to a resolution of 4096 x 2160, which was first introduced in digital cinemas.

And when we put together your personalized video content package, Better Merchants customizes it so you can cost-effectively use that footage for other projects that will promote other aspects of your business down the road. Not starting from scratch each time means you save money!

Video Shoot

If you paid practically nothing for your last commercial, then you probably got what you paid for!

From the script-writing, to the production, to the final project, nobody in this area tells your story with better clarity and resolution than Better Merchants Marketing and Media.

"I’ve been proud to work with the folks at Better Merchants, to help businesses deliver compelling messages to the right potential customers, for over 22 years. They are nice, honest, and dependable, and really know their way around advertising media."

Gregg Grote
Senior Account Manager
Comcast Spotlight of Lafayette